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Our special places - your unique love - Two hearts say "Yes!

I have so many fond memories of my own wedding, we two hearts and very special people,

who celebrated our day of love with us.


Free wedding, the scent of nature,the light sounds of music, wonderful people

around us and expectant faces,whether small or large.

What can I say, the way we felt that day - our day -

That's how I want you to feel with us too.


Special, unique, valuable - and that's why I'm at your side with heart & sea -

that this day remains in your hearts in the most beautiful memory!


Celebrate your love with us ♡

Small & fine - in the special light of Mallorca Your hearts have said "yes", how nice!

You would like to meet in a very small, intimate circle (up to 14 people)

with your loved ones on your very special, unique day here at the finca,
in the middle of beautiful nature,

accompanied and celebrated with the alpacas?

After many years, your wedding vows as a couple or in the closest family circle

let it "blossom" again in a very special setting?

Then you can do it here on Mallorca, in this wonderful spot on earth

exclusively and personally accompanied by us! Marrying with alpacas, free wedding,

Overnight stay in beautiful spacious double rooms with private terrace or "very special"

in a large, fully equipped boho-style tent,

with exclusive breakfast the next morning…

Depending on how you want it! I am happy to be by your side,

accompany, plan & organize your unique day together with you here in the special light
on site in Mallorca,
so that you will have fondest memories of it.


You have a desired date for 2023 & 2024, then I am looking forward to your request.


Location Wedding Hamburg

Our very special place in the heart of nature at the lake right outside the gates of Hamburg.

With us at the lake we accompany our bridal couples with heart & ppersonal touch since the day of love,

Valentine's Day February 14, 2010.

If you would like to accompany and celebrate your wedding on a larger scale of 40 to 100 people,

then let yourself be enchanted by the charm of our house.


We are always happy to get to know you personally and to inspire you for our beautiful spot on earth!

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