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NiJa - That's me!

I love life & love, second of course our unique bridal couples also benefit a lot at our wonderful weddings here in the Strandhus am Grossensee, just outside Hamburg,

who we have been with us since Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2010 &

from 2023/2024 also small fine weddings on a finca in nature

accompany you in a very special light on Mallorca.


I also love to accompany people, to support them with my valuable experiences in life both privately and as an entrepreneur and to support them a part of their way in personal and professional life as a mentor.


and... I love Mallorca, the energy, the life, the freedom & the people here.

It brings me a little more to myself every day.

Here my heart rises!


I am a power woman, loving mother & wife (of two souls who are very special to me) and a trained systemic business coach, yoga teacher and homeopath.

Extensive professional training, including as a manager/entrepreneur, "Leading yourself and others consciously", a seminar in the monastery with Amselm Grün & Bodo Janssen (Upstalsboom Hotels) as well as non-violent communication for children & adults according to Marshall Rosenberg have enriched me a lot, the view on and for myself, life and togetherness here on earth.


For me personally, my most enriching

Most Valuable & Insightful Journey:

The pilgrimage of the Way of St. James from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in 2017 together with our then 8-year-old daughter Leyni. What wonderful experiences and encounters we were able to have there...


Now for the good end... I always have new ideas and visions in my head, creative, heartfelt, funny, emphatic and so much more.


I would like to use my power, inner joy and enthusiasm &

like to leave my valuable footprint on this earth with my big heart and my focus more and more on the small unique ones

Laying things in life, "really living life".

BE WHOLE - with everything that "is" - Heart & Soul - Body & Mind Express your soul & your heart!

See you ♡
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